Welcome to PlayingWithData, this is the home of projects that aim to engage the community in the collection and analysis of environmental information.

The first project is SecchiDisk.org, a joint global scientific project supported by Pixalytics Ltd that aims to engage seafarers in studying marine phytoplankton.

You can participate in this project by making a Secchi disk (a 30 cm flat white disk attached to a tape measure or rope, see the project FAQ for more details) and using the free to download ‘Secchi’ application to record measurements; the App is available from the  or .

Once installed you'll be asked to provide your boat's name so data uploaded to the database can be verified. Once uploaded, the data should appear on the map below within 48 hours. Over time we'll develop a more interactive site so the data can be viewed in different ways.

The long term aim is to understand more about the phytoplankton (microscopic plant-like cells) that underpin the marine food chain.

To zoom in double click on the map, and to pan drag with the mouse.

To see the boat name and Secchi depth click on a pointer (please be aware that uploaded data may take up to 48 hours to appear).


If you are having problems uploading your data then you need to update your App to the latest version - new versions were released in October and November for Android and iOS respectively. 


If you have any queries or questions about Secchi App please contact us by joining the SecchiDisk Facebook group or emailing contact@secchidisk.org. We hope you'll enjoy using the App and being part of the marine science community.

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