Playing With Data.

SecchiApp Data Uploading Jun 2014

The database for the project has now over 300 measurements (309 as of the 15th June) and so we’re starting to work on a paper to bring the data together and compare it to satellite imagery; once we have the first draft it will be shared for comment. 

Richard was interviewed by Euan McIlwraith and Sam will present the project alongside other marine Citizen Science activities as part of a plenary presentation at the Ocean Optics conference in October.

SecchiApp Gallery Dec 2013

The Secchi Gallery has just been updated to show a more complete showcase of the photos taken during 2013. Is yours there? Happy Christmas and looking forward to seeing more uploads in 2014.


Testing out automatically generated plots

SecchiApp Data Uploading Jul 2013

Great to see points in the North Pacific from Kilo Moana (one of their photos below) and we’ve also had data uploads from Dutch Lady, Pelican and Perseverance Too.


Uploaded photo, via the SecchiApp, from the Acqua Alta Tower in the Adriatic


Secchi Gallery

Here are some of the photos that have been uploaded by the SecchiApp users 🙂

{gallery slider=boxplus.carousel}SecchiAppImagery{/gallery}

SecchiApp Gallery Available Jun 2013

Great to see the map is starting to fill up with June uploads from DiveN60 Alaska, Nomadic Star, Pelican, R V Callista, Semper Fidelis and Toodle-oo! There’s now an online showcase for some of the photos taken at the Secchi Gallery




SecchiApp Data Uploading May 2013

Thanks to everyone (including Ocean Breeze RT Bennan plus Cowal, R V Callista, RV.Pramong1 and R/V Urania) who is continuing to upload data and we look forward to seeing new contributors as people build and deploy their Secchi disks. We’re getting to the point where we’ll start to introduce a greater degree of interaction / viewing on the website.




SecchiApp Data Uploaded Apr 2013

Further data points are being uploaded to the database from the SecchiApp. Secchi depth of 9.5 m for the waters off the Isle of Arran (Scotland) uploaded by Ocean Breeze. Also, a great photo showing the ocean and beautiful scenery. 

Uploaded photo, via the SecchiApp, from the Acqua Alta Tower in the Adriatic


Secchi Data Being Uploaded Feb 2013

Secchi data has started to be uploaded to the database from the Secchi App… Our first marine measurements are from the Acqua Alta oceanographic tower of CNR ISMAR (uploaded photo shown below) and a Nayland college trip off the coast of New Zealand… Looking forward to more coming in…  

Uploaded photo, via the SecchiApp, from the Acqua Alta Tower in the Adriatic


Secchi App launched Feb 2013

Yesterday the Secchi was launched with a press release out to the media… Articles have started to appear, with one of the first being Practical Boat Owner. Interested seafarers can like the Facebook Page or follow the #secchidisk hashtag to learn more about the project, then start to build your Secchi disk ready for deployment!