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Scientific Data Usage

Effective date: 05 August 2015 Dataset

Individuals or organisations conducting research where data from the project may be useful can apply for access by emailing

The dataset is currently not quality controlled and so comes ‘as is’.

For sailors we have a policy that data is freely available via the website map, while for academics  / researchers we ask for a donation as the project is run from volunteer time and efforts i.e., there is no under-pinning grant funding salaries etc. Currently, we suggest £150 GBP per year of data, or part thereof, requested. However, as we do not want to hinder research we only ask for a ‘donation’ – the decision is yours.

We also expect that the project is acknowledged in any resulting publication using the following:

The authors thank the Secchi Disk project for the seafarer Secchi Depth data.


How To Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact us at


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